Muffin Break – Sourdough Baguettes + Biscoff Duffin

Sourdough Baguettes:
We are introducing a premium Sourdough Baguette range to improve our existing bread category. The Sourdough Baguettes use a great tasting & rustic looking bread which is key to the expected success of this premium range. These are a lighter option for lunch during the warmer months of the year. Below is the list of fillings we are launching with.

• Tuna & Salad Sourdough Baguette
• Gammon & Salad Sourdough Baguette
• Gammon & Brie Sourdough Baguette
• Prosciutto, Salami & Gouda Sourdough Baguette
• Egg & Mayo Sourdough Baguette
• Chicken Caesar Sourdough Baguette

Lotus Biscoff Duffin:
Hopefully you are all familiar with the Duffin by now, this is a deliciously decadent spin on it. We have partnered with Lotus to put out the trendiest Duffin to date.

Lotus Bakeries has partnered with national artisan bakery, Muffin Break, to launch an original Muffin Lab creation, the Lotus Biscoff ‘Duffin’. Containing an indulgent centre and drizzled topping of Lotus Biscoff Spread, the Duffin is any sweet tooth’s dream! The Lotus Biscoff Duffin is available now from Muffin Break stores nationwide.
The unique creation of a Duffin was first sold by Muffin Break in 2016 and has become a firm favourite on menus ever since. As with all of Muffin Break’s creations, the Lotus Biscoff Duffin is freshly baked in-store every morning and made using the finest ingredients.