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Autumn/ Winter Beauty Trends πŸ’„πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ

  • Lined eyes – Bold eye liner above and below the eye is a trend this season, we will see blue, brown and burgundy
  • Reverse cat eye – Instead of the eye liner ontop of the eye it will be underneath the eye into a cat eye shape
  • Breatheable Skin – People are looking for products that will provide coverage and contour the face whilst still letting the skin breathe. We recommend an oil free and lightweight foundation to transition from summer to autumn
  • Soap Brows – Soap brows aren’t a new trend but they are definitely here to stay. The perfect time to test out your bold brow look is now!
  • Grungy Bobs – Think boxy blunt cut bobs with face framing fringes, its going to be all the rage this autumn winter
  • Modern Mullet – With the resurgence of the mullet this past year we have now given it a 2021 twist, More relaxed layered mullets or as they are commonly known as wolf cuts are the go too for the fashion forward this season. Texture and face framing fringes are the go too.
  • Copper/ Pumpkin Spice Hair – The IT hair colour of 2021 has to be copper. It is the perfect shade for this autumn as we transition into the colder months, matching with the scenery around you.
  • Wet Look Waves – Mixing a hair gel with a shine cream and adding it to curled hair to get this look is going to be a must for autumn/winter.
  • Low-Key Styling – As opposed to the previous trends of using heat on your hair this autumn is going to focus on more natural styling for the hair. Embrace your hairs natural texture and curl pattern by adding a mousse when its wet and leaving it to air dry for that natural yet flawless look.
  • Luxe looking hair – As lockdown had us feeling like we were in the 1920s prohibition era, coming out of lockdown and into the world again has us craving some roaring 20s glamour! As well as embracing your natural hair expect to see ultra styled hair using products that promote shine and healthy hair all the time as opposed to special events.

Autumn/ Winter Fashion Trends

  • Mega Knits – XL knitwear is in, super long maxi-style jumpers.
  • OUT OUT – Sequins, glitter, flares over the top eveningwear that makes you think β€œCan I really wear that”.
  • Monochrome – Match your jacket with your shoes and bag, wearing all of the same colour is the go too this autumn. Keep the colours bright to contrast from the classic autumnal trends.
  • Cut-Outs – Asymetric style tops with cut outs, jumpers with open backs are all the rage this season.
  • Green with Envy! – Autumns hottest colour is going to be Green. Inspired by the boom of Bottega Venetta, green has taken over the runways this year
  • Florals for autumn? – Groundbreaking Florals are going to be popular this season with outerwear such as coats and jackets
  • Suits – Suits with more relaxed silhouettes, flared legs and bold colours are going to be dominating the fashion world this autumn
  • Shades of Brown – Swap whites and creams for browns, mix the shades of brown for an overall on trend look.
  • Puffer Coats – Autumn/Winter is going to be the time to get those puffers out, this autumn/winter is going to see more outlandish shapes and colours.
  • Dark Denim – Ultra dark denim is in this autumn, think 80s stranger things chic!
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